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Is a CFO’s Skillset a Great Choice for the CEO Role?

A recent article on highlighted a new survey by recruiting firm Korn/Ferry that showed that more than half of 600 corporate executives believe the finance chief at their company is qualified to be a chief executive officer.  Surprising fact since only 15% of CEO’s in the Fortune 1000 are former CFO’s.

Full article here.

We know that the CFO skill set is highly transferable to the CEO role.  CFO’s are increasingly strategic decision makers in the company especially when it comes to making IT purchasing decisions, managing through difficult economic climates, and ensuring profits are on track and shareholders and investors remain bullish on the company.

At Adaptive Planning, our co-founder and CFO, Rob Hull, has recently made a similar transition and taken on the role of President and has hired a new CFO, Dave Pefley, to take the helm of the finance department.

Please share your experience with CFO’s who have made the successful transition to President or CEO roles.

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