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Is Your Financial Data Secure in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is being talked about everywhere, in our business and personal lives.  Whether you are a nonprofit, a small or medium-sized company, or an enterprise, you may have put off moving to the cloud because of security concerns.  Your thinking may be, “If I can’t control my data, how can I protect it?”

Consider the fact that consumers have been putting their private and confidential information in the cloud for a long time.  Do you manage your money and pay your bills online, using your bank’s website?  Do you monitor your credit card transactions online?   Do you access and pay for your car registration using a government website?  Do you use an online application like TurboTax to prepare your tax returns?

Even still, maybe you think that if you don’t own the computers that hold your data, you can’t count on reliability, security, and privacy.  But personal computers are hardly secure.  They can easily be corrupted and data can be lost.  And isolated data centers, which were the norm before cloud computing, aren’t immune to hackers.  You may be protecting yourself against this possibility by using one of the many online backup services now readily available.  These services offer automatic, scheduled backups, unlimited storage space, and a host of great features at a low cost.  So, you’re backing up your data in the cloud!

Well-managed cloud computing can be much more reliable, secure, and private than any personal computer or typical in-house client-server configurations.  A third-party cloud service provider is likely to have superior security technology and expertise than a company trying to protect its own data.  It can spread the cost of security over a number of customers, while an individual company has to shoulder the entire burden itself.  (This consideration is especially important in the case of smaller companies.)

For example, like many other companies, you may have chosen to manage your relationship with your customers.  It’s a simple solution to use and maintain, and it’s lower-cost and more manageable than buying and maintaining your own servers, tools, and applications.  And you know you can trust the security, availability, reliability, manageability, and scalability, delivered by the vendor.

The most important thing is for you to be able to trust your cloud computing service provider.  At Adaptive Planning, we deliver an advanced on-demand security infrastructure that ensures customer data is never compromised. The Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, Service Organizations, is a widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  It’s used to represent that a service provider has undergone an in-depth and independent audit of all processes and policies related to the provision of the service. We’re SAS70 certified, and undergo annual re-audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

And regarding availability of the software, we monitor and measure server response times, and run continuous automated 24- and 48-hour performance tests.  We publish our actual performance, which is 99.5% uptime.

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