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corporate performance management software business intelligence softwareIn late October we discussed the seven essentials of cloud-based finance software solutions as defined by Saugatuck Technology in the research firm’s most recent whitepaper.

Saugatuck’s essentials covered everything from easy updates, to scalability and security, to cost-savings and functionality.

Today, we build on those essentials as we start our series on the functionality and security of Adaptive’s CPM software & BI software suite. By the end of our series, you’ll understand why, and how, Adaptive Planning’s corporate budgeting and financial forecasting software is built for the cloud and designed to deliver greater speed, agility, flexibility, elasticity, and innovation to your business.

According to IDC, cloud spending worldwide will grow five times that of its current size. With such enormous growth and market potential it’s no surprise that a plethora of software solution providers are claiming that their solutions are built for the cloud.

The reality? Many vendors are actually using code bases that are decades old, which were designed for an on-premise world. So how can you tell a cloud pretender from a true contender? Here are three telltale signs.

1.       Single Codebase with Automatic Updates

Ask a technology vendor this one question, and you’ll already have a good sense of whether or not their technology was truly built for the cloud:

“Are all your customers running exactly the same version?”

When it comes to the world’s leading cloud applications like Salesforce, Workday, Netsuite, and Adaptive Planning, the answer is always “Yes.”

If customers are on different versions, it’s probably because the vendor is overwhelmed with maintaining countless versions and codebases. All Adaptive Planning customers are always running the most updated release of our solution. Today, all Adaptive customers are running our latest 2013.2 release.

When all customers are on the same version, they can share best practices with each other in terms of making the most out of the latest product features. Everyone speaks the same language in this frictionless environment. The time saved on maintaining multiple versions and codes allows Adaptive to run a much faster innovation and release cycle than traditional vendors.

2.       Multi-Tenancy. Evolved.

Multi-tenancy allows cloud vendors to serve thousands of customers using a shared schema and application deployment, without compromising the pace at which they can pass on innovations to their customers. Adaptive goes beyond traditional multi-tenancy to ensure that, while we use the same schema for all customers, each customer’s data is strictly and securely separated. That means no co-mingling of customer data within the Adaptive cloud database.

3.       100% Web Native. 100% Unified.

Traditional CPM applications designed before the cloud have an assortment of desktop and browser interfaces for administration, and financial modeling, planning, and analysis.

Adaptive’s entire suite is browser-centric. There are no desktop tools to maintain or upgrade. The browser is also unified in a single environment meaning customers can handle administration, planning, consolidation, and visual analytics within a single location.

This browser-centric, unified model is a cornerstone of applications truly designed for the cloud, and is key for any company currently using, or moving toward, a BYOD model.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Cloud Technology Series later this week, featuring the inside scoop on Adaptive’s advanced architecture and elasticity.

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