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Enterprise Business Analytics For Dummies, Part 3

Adaptive Planning cloud cpm software corporate performance management business budgeting software budgeting and forecasting visual analytics financial reporting software“The truth is most CIOs today realize that cloud providers tend to have more robust security than most enterprises,” says Phil Wainewright, an early promoter of cloud-based businesses.

It is certainly true that cloud companies like, Workday, NetSuite, and Adaptive Planning make security their number one priority. That’s why part 3 of our enterprise cloud series focuses on cloud security measures that make the Adaptive cloud platform one of the most trusted and secure cloud solutions on the market today.

Standard Security Measures

Standard security includes maintaining certification with industry standards, and completing industry audits.  The SSAE 16 audit ensures that customers can trust the security of international service providers.

Since October 1998, the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection has prohibited the transfer of personal data to non-European Union countries that are not in compliance with standard privacy protection.  To help companies, the Safe Harbor privacy framework regulates the transfer of personal information passing between the US, EU member countries, and Switzerland.

TRUSTe certifications ensure that companies adhere to the best practices in collection and use of personal information on websites and apps.

Adaptive Planning’s budget forecasting software is always secure and in compliance with SSAE standards and certifications.  However, the forecasting software’s real security lies in its design and constant state of innovation.

We co-locate all of our production systems and protect our  corporate budgeting software in state-of-the-art, high security data-centers with secure cages and redundant power lines. The result?

Delivering high bandwidth access throughout the internet and automatic backups of user data in the event that restoration is ever needed.

Additionally,  Adaptive’s network operations team constantly monitors firewall, intrusion detection, and log review.  Computer hardware management, backups, releases, upgrades, and database management are done on Adaptive’s production system.  This allows Adaptive to update the cloud with no inconvenience or “down time” for the customer.  During the synchronization process, the information is sent using industry-standard firewall technology and is completely encrypted.

Coca-Cola, AAA, and Knowledge Universe are among the 1800+ of companies trusting Adaptive Planning’s state-of-the-art security.  Providing this level of security as just a standard part of service is one of the reasons Adaptive’s business budgeting software is universally trusted by small businesses and international enterprises alike, and why Adaptive Planning continues to rank #1 in usability and customer experience throughout a wide range of industry reports.

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