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The Royal Baby: A Lesson In Planning And Forecasting

#RoyalBaby Adaptive Planning Replanning ReforecastinIf you try hard enough you can find business planning lessons in every aspect of life – even in royal births.

At 4:24 p.m. local time in London, Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed-in a new baby boy who is now third in line to the throne, right on the heels of his father William and grandfather Charles.

In a telling sign of our social media time, the news was first announced via the royal Twitter feed rather than the traditional paper with Buckingham Palace letterhead on a gilded easel at the palace gates.

The news led to over two million royal baby-related Tweets since the Duchess Kate checked into the hospital in the early morning. And as you might expect, two questions were dominating the Twittersphere.

  1. Is the royal baby a boy or a girl?
  2. What is the royal baby’s name?

The news of a baby boy was announced shortly after birth. As for a name?

The Palace released a statement saying the baby will carry the title of “His Royal Highness Prince [name] of Cambridge.” Translation? No name yet.

Surely the royal couple has had ample time (about nine months?) to plan ahead and name a son or a daughter. They also could have quite accurately forecasted the date of birth. So why the delay of their son’s name?

Maybe it’s tradition. A little history – when Prince Charles was born in 1948, his name wasn’t announced for an entire month.

Still, the palace statement above suggests that the name is not being kept secret; it just hasn’t been decided yet. And while the lack of forecasting and planning of baby names may work for Kate and Prince William, it’s definitely not best practice from a business point of view. So plan often, and plan ahead.

And congratulations to the royal family.  

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