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Learn how your peers are reforecasting for COVID-19

So how can you make reporting more efficient, more effective, and less reliant on espresso? Here are four steps you can take to improve your process.

In light of recent events, it’s likely that your 2020 revenue, headcount, hiring, opex, and capex forecasts are all now outdated. That means you’ve been busy reforecasting, which isn’t easy when the very ground your business sits on is shifting seemingly by the day.

The process can be stressful and disorienting, but an upcoming webinar created just for these times should help.

UPDATE: 04-23-2020 This webinar has completed and is now available on-demand.

“Reforecasting in Times of Uncertainty” features the latest proven best practices to help save you precious time and allow you to plan for virtually any contingency. On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, from 10-11am Pacific, a panel of finance professionals from Workday and VaynerX, a global communications and technology group, will discuss some of the scenarios they’re planning, how they’ve set up their systems, and the processes they’ve put in place to model and track results with modern forecasting software.

These from-the-trenches tips will cover an array of techniques to deal with revenue shocks, workforce, and capacity planning when income is hard to predict, and strategies for emerging from this pandemic in a position of strength. They’ll describe how they:

  • Create dynamic what-if models for top-line, headcount, and  opex planning
  • Shorten forecast cycles by automating actuals imports
  • Share the planning burden by engaging stakeholders
  • And more

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain some next-level techniques for navigating the uncertain economic waters brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Register today for this important webinar: “Reforecasting in Uncertain Times”

Pressed for time? No worries. Just register and you’ll receive the webinar recording and slide deck, so you can take it in at your convenience.

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