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Week in Review: Finance’s Need for a Data Filter

Information overload

For today’s CFOs, the phrase “information overload” may sound like an understatement. The rise in data has been well-documented, and the needs of how to manage that deluge are now coming clearly into focus. That includes the need for filters to help distinguish the necessary data from the unnecessary. It also covers the need for metrics that translate qualitative data into quantitative data points that can be tracked and measured. We’ve filtered this week’s headlines to surface the four stories you need to know.

A business strategist’s take on CES

In our first story, business strategist John Parkinson provides his view on what the coming year may bring based on his assessment of new developments revealed at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show. He believes the value proposition of new technologies is coming squarely into focus, and shares insights on some of those technologies and their impact. Not surprisingly, the “Information Revolution” and data analytics are front and center. (via

The top 5 strategic finance issues of 2016

Our second story reports on a newly commissioned study titled “The Finance Imperative.” The piece reveals that finance executives don’t believe they have the tools needed to get the information they want. It also outlines the five strategies digital CFOs should implement for success in their increasingly strategic roles. Among this 2016 to-do list is the need to infuse digital skills across their teams, including deep analytical capabilities. (via

Wages rise for finance talent

According to a recent survey of 2,200 CFOs, more than half said they are willing to pay more for finance talent. The study shows accountants, financial reporters, and data scientists are high on the list—and companies are paying these professionals an average of 10% more than their previous employers. (via Wall Street Journal)

Resolve to collaborate

Many hands make light work, and many minds make great products. Collaboration is often a key driver of innovation, resulting in products that many may not even know they need and positively impacting all aspects of the business. Studies attribute many positive outcomes of collaboration, including achieving higher margins, inspiring greater client loyalty, and gaining a clear edge over the competition. To be sure, digital CFOs will not be able to succeed in their new roles without support from their CEOs and other stakeholders around the organization. With that in mind, will you resolve to collaborate in 2016? (via Adaptive Insights blog)

What stories catch your attention as a modern finance leader? Check back here next Friday to get the CFO 411, our new weekly update on the stories, stats, and quotes you need to know!

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