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Weekly Wrap-Up: CFO Must-Reads

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reportingStaying current on the latest finance industry news, updates, and opinions is a critical part of being an adaptive, modern finance leader.

And to give you an easy way to stay abreast of all the happenings in the world of business and finance, we’ve compiled the following list of modern CFO must-reads from the past week. So enjoy this week’s top five finance stories, and leave a comment if you’ve read an article  that you consider a CFO must-read!

1. The CFO’s Role in Business Transformation

The CFO of Ricoh Americas analyzes the business transformation of the company as it changes its identity from a hardware supplier to a services provider.

2. 10 Things Today’s Top CFOs Do Better

Leveraging modern tools is just one of the things that today’s best CFOs do better that the rest across all industries. Here’s a quick look at 10 specific strategies that today’s top finance chiefs have mastered, according to several of today’s top-performing CFOs.

3. Project Management Mastery

Aiming for positive financial outcomes is a given for all finance leaders. But do you have the right structure and level of consistency needed to achieve your desired outcome?

4. Does your business need a CFO?

Hiring a CFO is a big decision, but something that all businesses must do at some point during its growth and evolution. So is your business in need of a finance leader? Check out these seven signs to find out!

What do you like to read as a modern finance leader? Tweet your recommendations to @AdaptiveInsight, and read next Friday’s edition to see if your story made our list of  of the week’s CFO must-reads!

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