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Weekly Wrap-Up: CFO Must-Reads

CFO must readPart of being an adaptive finance leader is staying current on the latest industry news, updates, and opinions. And to give you an easy way to stay abreast on all the happenings in the world of business finance, we’ve put together this list of five must-reads for the modern CFO. And as added bonus, we’ve included an invitation to a FREE virtual event during which an entire panel of corporate finance and business technology experts will help you create a modern FP&A process that will put finance at the center of strategic decision-making.

1. Modern CFOs highly value a culture of analytics, turn to tech to help lead strategy.

The latest Adaptive Insights 2015 CFO Indicator recently surveyed more than 300 CFOs. One of the most interesting results? Business finance teams are increasingly at the center of some of today’s most successful organizations, and are well-positioned to help guide strategic decisions across the company (70 percent). The majority of CFOs also plan to take on more strategic leadership roles (69 percent), and more than half cited a “culture of analytics” as a key competitive advantage in today’s business climate (56 percent).

2. 5 ways CFOs can focus on the long-term.

Today’s consumers increasingly view quality and customization as important as price and value when it comes to making a purchase. To deliver on these dimensions, a company must have superior intangible assets, such as human capital and innovative capability. So how can a CFO make sure that the company is well-positioned to excel at all the above for the long-term?

3. How CFOs can effectively drive transformation.

On average, CFOs want to spend about 60% of their time analyzing data to better influence strategic decisions.  Learn more about practical tools that can help CFOs to diagnose and navigate change efforts more effectively, and support and influence change in their organizations.

4. Strengthening the link between CFO and CEO.

As a CFO who once served as an interim CEO, Frank Friedman offers a deeper look into today’s CEO responsibilities and explains what they can do to become more involved in setting long-term corporate strategy.

5. IPO-savvy CFOs are in high demand.

Demand is incredibly high for CFOs who have the skill-set required to run a modern finance department, particularly within pre-IPO companies. But is the demand outweighing supply?

Virtual Event: Best Practices for Planning, Forecasting and Reporting

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Click on the banner above to register for our virtual FP&A event on July 15!



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