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What Personal Experience Has Taught Me About Technology Usability

adaptive planning visual analytics usabilityWhen I started covering cloud technologies as a tech reporter, I was immediately thrown into the fire and equipped with very little knowledge of cloud solutions. True story: I had to Google “Cloud Computing” prior to my first interview.

My Google search helped me land the gig. And less than a month later, I was reporting live from technology trade shows throughout the country. And it was the best thing that could have happened to me at the beginning of my career.

My job was simple enough: explain cloud solutions to people like myself. Most other reporters were asking questions riddled with industry acronyms and insider terms. I was asking the simple questions to get to bottom line of what I thought business owners really wanted to know:

·       How are businesses, from small to enterprise, going to benefit from the cloud?

·       What does business intelligence actually mean, and how does it translate to value?

·       How much is it going to cost businesses to move to the cloud?

My simple questions helped me to write more readable technology columns and build a strong following. You didn’t have to “speak tech” in order to understand them.

As cloud-solutions have evolved, and I moved from tech media to tech marketing, I’ve learned that usability is to technology what readability is to reporting. The cloud is one element of usability, as it helps to promote internal collaboration and gives real-time business access and insight.

But the other elements that make up a usable, intuitive solution are the things that really separate the best solutions from the rest of the pack. Things like visual analytics and easy-to-use dashboards bring more people into processes that would otherwise belong to only specific areas of the business. And advanced cloud technologies can make complex tasks like financial consolidation seem easy. 

Most importantly, intuitive and usable solutions help business owners get to the bottom line and make smarter, more efficient decisions – and that’s something we can all understand. Just see for yourself.


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