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Why Nonprofits Deserve Solutions As Unique As They Are

Nonprofits, and the volunteers who serve them, improve the lives of people and societies around the world. This is National Volunteer Week, and it’s a big one for us here at Adaptive Insights.

Why? Because nonprofits have made a huge impact on us in two ways.

First, they’ve enhanced the communities we live and work in to an impressive degree.

One oft-cited study found nonprofits contribute $887 billion to the U.S. economy, with one out of four Americans volunteering their time to support these organizations. When your neighbors are in trouble or in need, when a disease cuts a devastating swath through families, when your children are hungry for more exposure to science or art or culture, it’s often a nonprofit that comes through. We cannot applaud that enough.

Nonprofits turn to Adaptive Insights

And second, they’ve meant a great deal to our business. Some 500 of our customers are nonprofits.

Working with these organizations over the years, we’ve learned plenty. We’ve learned that while nonprofits are different from profit-driven businesses, they are by no means monolithic. A regional museum’s primary considerations (ticket sales, exhibit funding, outreach to local schools) are different from a national association dedicated to wiping out a fatal disease (national influence campaigns, large-scale volunteer management, fundraising events). An aid organization working in Africa may be worried about funding food deliveries for refugees. A research institution might have hundreds of grants to track and account for.

There isn’t one way to run a nonprofit. In fact, from our experience, you could argue there are 500 ways.

But there are similarities, particularly among the main categories of nonprofit organizations. That’s why today we introduced an array of visualization, KPI, and measurement templates that offer various nonprofits an easy way to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Adaptive Insights planning platform.

Designed for six distinct types of nonprofits, the templates make it easy to quickly get nonprofits up and running on Adaptive Insights for Finance so they can focus on their mission. Meeting nonprofits right where they live and work, the templates allow these unique customers to develop dashboards and analytics with tailored KPIs to track the mission-driven metrics they (and their donors, members, and boards) care about most.

Customers leverage cloud planning

By using these templates, nonprofits can customize their Adaptive Insights environment, making it easy for anyone, with little or no training, to build plans, models, forecasts, and budgets. In the world of nonprofits, where volunteers often step into virtually any role at virtually any moment, ease of use is vital.

Whether they’re tracking registrations for certification classes, knitting together funds from half a dozen grants to pay for a new hire, or budgeting for programs to fight cancer, these staffers and volunteers have important work to do. Learning a complex planning platform shouldn’t be one of them.

In fact, in an organization that must squeeze every bit of value from every dollar it takes in, anything that makes it easier for volunteers to do their jobs is worthwhile. When you’re focused on making a difference rather than making a profit, you attract people who are willing to work to make the world a better place.

This week of all weeks, we want to thank all nonprofits and their volunteers, everywhere, for making a difference. Because a better world is definitely worth working for.

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