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Changing the Game at an Enterprise Scale

By 2020, hybrid enterprise resource planning environments—combining on-premises and cloud solutions—will be the norm, according to PwC research. That’s not surprising to us, as we’re seeing this among large customers that are moving their planning to the cloud while keeping legacy on-premises systems for ERP and more. Why are enterprises choosing Adaptive Insights for large-scale business planning?

The answer is simple: Today’s marketplaces move fast, and these organizations find that relying on the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud helps them operate with speed and agility.

Yesterday at Adaptive Live 2018, our annual user conference, 1,500 industry professionals heard from some of our biggest customers what modern, cloud-based planning has meant for their enterprises. Executives from the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Fletcher Jones Automotive Group, Maritz, and Asian fusion dining pioneer P.F. Chang’s all took the stage to describe how our Business Planning Cloud is helping them act quickly and decisively in a fast-moving world.

Now more than ever, enterprises across a range of industries are setting out on their own finance transformation journeys to leave largely manual, siloed, and static planning behind. In the process, they’re harnessing the enterprise scale, power, and acclaimed ease of use of Adaptive Insights to equip everybody who plans throughout their organization.

A strategic advantage for every organization

Of course, every enterprise organization’s journey is different, but all the organizations have something crucial in common. They’re all progressing toward the ultimate planning destination—a place where everybody plans, where people can make decisions quickly based on data rather than gut instinct, and where planning is emerging as a strategic advantage.

Some are at Adaptive Live to find out the best way to configure our solutions to their specific needs. Others are expanding their use of Adaptive Insights to include sales or workforce planning processes. Still others are extending planning to everybody involved in their day-to-day business, both internally and among their partners and suppliers.

Here in Las Vegas, I’m struck by how Adaptive Live attendees are visibly excited about what the future holds for their organizations. Adaptive Insights customers from organizations of all sizes and industries have gathered this week to engage in hands-on training, see new product sneak peeks, hear keynote addresses, network with colleagues, and join in on more than 100 breakout sessions. In doing so, they’re mapping the next phase of their transformation toward modern, cloud-based business planning in finance, sales, and beyond.

As Adaptive Insights CEO Tom Bogan established in his keynote yesterday, forward-thinking organizations big and small are recognizing that planning has become a strategic advantage in a world where change is accelerating.

Maritz, whose wide-ranging business lines span from event management and incentive programs to automobile products, is a great example. “Our business structure is complex,” explains Holly Francois, senior vice president and corporate controller at Maritz, which has relied on our Business Planning Cloud to standardize planning, forecasting, and reporting across multiple business units. It’s so easy to use, notes Francois, that company-wide adoption has been simple. “Adaptive Insights has been a game-changer for us,” she says.

We want to change the game for every one of our customers, from small companies to enterprises. So we made sure this year’s Adaptive Live provides our customers with all the inspiration, knowledge, assistance, and resources they need to realize the full benefit of holistic planning and to achieve true business agility in a fast-moving world.

No matter where you are on your own planning journey today, that’s a pretty great place to end up.

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