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The Power of One—for everyone

Even as Adaptive Insights becomes part of the Power of One, it will remain the most robust and open business planning platform for every organization, even if they never adopt any other product in the Workday suite.

In October, I described our plan to integrate the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud into Workday’s Power of One strategy. Seven months later, I have real progress to report.

In the latest release of the Workday suite are new capabilities, including:

  • Drill-through from Adaptive Insights into Workday business objects and transaction details
  • Easier access to planning from within Workday via a new Adaptive Insights Worklet that enables single sign-on
  • Built in access to Workday data and metadata, making it easy to drive Adaptive Insights planning models from Workday data

This is just the beginning, but these are crucial, foundational milestones. Look for further alignment with a unified security model, a single community experience, and seamless reporting and analysis across the entire product suite.

While we’re celebrating this progress, it’s critical to point out some unique aspects of this unification—something you don’t see in the tech world much: Even as Adaptive Insights becomes part of the Power of One, it will remain the most robust and open business planning platform for every organization, even if they never adopt any other product in the Workday suite.

So it’s worth revisiting three crucial points.

We’re open. Always.

Even as we evolve toward the Power of One, we’re committed to remaining an open solution, because cloud platforms must be open to have a future. We’ll still integrate with any ERP, HCM, and other enterprise systems, including Oracle, SAP, and NetSuite. (In fact, we just announced new enhancements to our NetSuite integration and are working on further enhancements with others.)

We describe our strategy as “best in class, better in suite.” This means if you’re using Adaptive Insights on its own or with a non-Workday ERP system, you’re still getting one of the most highly rated planning solutions in the industry. Period. But as we continue to advance in our journey to Power of One, it gets even better if you choose to implement solutions from Workday.

We’re achieving the Power of One without re-platforming or slowing down innovation.

Workday’s Power of One represents a unique value proposition in the marketplace: It’s the power of one experience, one source for data, one security model, and one community.

But here’s the remarkable thing: We’re able to bring the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud into the Power of One without replatforming or requiring our customers to reimplement. And we’re doing it without slowing down the enhancements and innovations our customers expect from our Business Planning Cloud. (We can accomplish this because Adaptive Insights and Workday both are built on native cloud architectures that are multi-tenant and services-based.) So even if you never subscribe to another Workday product, you’ll still benefit from the continuous and customer-focused innovation you’ve come to expect from us—without any disruption. For customers, it’s all gain, no pain.

Adaptive Insights isn’t just technology.

Workday’s acquisition of Adaptive Insights is unusual in the industry because Workday didn’t just buy technology to absorb it into its product line—which, let’s face it, is usually how these things go when large companies acquire startups. But not here. In its acquisition of Adaptive Insights, Workday joined forces with a thriving industry leader that was literally hours from going public. It was a strategic move to acquire a growing business—one that would certainly add to Workday’s core offerings, but also stand on its own as the solution provider of choice for organizations that don’t use other Workday products. It also was a reflection of the view that business planning is strategic not only to Workday’s future, but to the future of every business.

I am excited about the progress we have made to date and will keep you updated as we advance further toward the Power of One.

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