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Workday Podcast: Retail CFOs are finding ways to thrive amid disruption

The retail industry has gone through decades worth of changes since the start of the global pandemic, and retail CFOs are moving fast to ensure their companies are adapting and thriving. Experts from KPMG and Workday talk about this and more on the Workday Podcast.

Sometimes disruption is the mother of innovation, and that’s increasingly the case in the retail world. Through the difficult times brought on by the global pandemic, some retailers are finding ways to thrive through new technology and operating models. And increasingly, CFOs are at the center of it all.

In this episode of the Workday Podcast, I’m joined by Shehtaaz Zaman, director at KPMG, and Ben Pierce, vice president of sales for financials, planning, and analytics at Workday, to talk about how retail CFOs are finding their way to innovation in times of disruption. You can also download the Workday/KPMG joint paper, “Retail Finance Transformation: Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Wait,” that we discuss in the episode.

Here are a couple highlights of our conversation.

  • “You’re seeing the advent of more machine learning, analytics, and intelligent forecasting, which makes the forecasting process more dynamic, so you can inform the way the business is moving. This is the key value proposition that finance can offer to the enterprise, if they’re able to tap into it effectively.” — Shehtaaz Zaman
  • “The CFOs I work with are asking themselves: ‘Am I making sense of the data that’s available to my people? What else is actually driving our business now? How are we making sure we have the right information that can help us navigate these next few years?’” — Shehtaaz Zaman


Audio available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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