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Adaptive Planning corporate performance management software business intelligence software CPM BI visual analytics consolidationsAdaptive doesn’t just make cloud finance software solutions to help you run your business. We make tools to accompany those solutions to help you best leverage our financial planning, reporting, and forecasting software in order to make the best business decisions in today’s data-driven environments.

No time to dig around our site for what you need? No problem. We’ve done the dirty work for you and pulled together five tools available to you at, and where to find. them.

1. Tool: eBooks

Section: Adaptive Planning Learning Center

Adaptive consolidation eBook Adaptive Planning Finanical Consolidation Cloud Visual Analytics Software

Click the image to download the Adaptive Consolidation  eBook.

Yes, that’s right. Books. They’re back. But no need to make room on your office shelf. These are eBooks with graphics, quotes, and highlighted stats to help you make best use of Adaptive Consolidation and the powerful visual analytics features within Adaptive Discovery. A full-color guide with everything you need to turn your finance department into a well-oiled machine.

2. Tool: Free Trial

Section: Adaptive Planning Services Center

Click on the image for a free trial of Adaptive Discovery!

Click on the image for a free trial of Adaptive Discovery!

A free, 30-day trial of Adaptive Planning, Consolidation, or Discovery. We’re talking a fully featured trial here; something that others just don’t offer. Get hands on with Adaptive and learn how to create dashboards, modify sheets, set user settings, you name it. It’s all yours, and it’s all free. And that includes the new features added as part of our latest product release!

3. Tool: Thiess Success Story

Section: Adaptive Planning Customer Center

Get the scoop on Adaptive Discovery’s visual analytics features straight from a customer source. Ben Willey from Thiess, one of the largest open-cut mining enterprises in the world, gives a detailed account of how Adaptive Discovery has helped the company continue its rapid production, and paid for itself within a week of implementation!

4. Process Tracker Video

Section: Adaptive Planning Learning Center

Check out the new Adaptive Planning Process Tracker!Adaptive Financial Consolidation Software makes the financial consolidation process a true team sport. And the Process Tracker is a main component of the collaboration capabilities. Watch the new Process Tracker video to see how you can create visually intuitive dashboards that clearly displays key operational metrics, including:

  • completed, in-progress, and future tasks
  • Completion percentage of tasks
  • Project owners

 5. Tool: Customer Highlight Video

Section: Adaptive Planning Customer Center

Click on the image above to watch the Adaptive Planning Customer Highlight Video!

Another opportunity to hear testimonials straight from the people who know the benefits the best: Adaptive Planning customers. Check out the video to hear from finance leaders at some of the fastest-growing, most innovative companies today, and find out why Adaptive Planning is continually rated #1 in customer success.

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