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5 Tech Trends to Track in 2015

Tech Trends 2015 Concept

Each New Year marks the inevitable onset of new trends, jump-starting the unofficial task of establishing a new set of do’s and don’ts. In 2014, some projections focused on the impact of skyrocketing mobile usage on businesses, Bitcoin’s volatile but consistent growth, and how user-driven marketplaces would continue to flourish as venture potential. Others concentrated on predicting the growth rate of the overall cloud market, the changing role of cloud service providers, and how much companies would spend on big data analytics.

And as is the nature of trends, the idea of what will be impactful in 2015 most definitely differs from what was considered influential in 2014. In a Fortune Magazine column last week, Sergio Monsalve of Norwest Venture Partners, an Adaptive Investor, offered his predictions as to which technology megatrends will define 2015. Adaptive Insights Senior Director Paul Turner also weighed-in with his 2015 cloud industry forecasts.

Here’s what we think are the five of their most interesting trends to track throughout 2015. You can find the full set of predictions from Paul and Sergio in the Adaptive News Section.

 CFOs and CIOs will successfully partner on analytics.
Cloud Analytics tools will pave the way for CFOs and CIOs to successfully partner on analytics.

These tools will allow enterprise architects and software developers to rapidly build dashboards and analyses, and deploy budgeting and planning apps at a fraction of the time to show increased value back to finance.

The hybrid Cloud will give Excel a new lease on life.
Business finance teams will adopt hybrid cloud models as a bridge between Excel and other productivity tools of today, with cloud solutions of the future. Excel will remain relevant as a result, and new business initiatives will no longer be held back by the slower pace of configuring legacy software.

 Online education will grow at an accelerated clip.
The seeds were planted in 2014 for online education to enjoy tremendous growth in the new year and challenge our traditional views of online education. Global Industry Analyst has already predicted that online education will grow into a $100+ million industry, as more incumbent universities now offer online curriculum.

“Marketplaces 2.0” will be born.
Spurred by 2014’s mega financing and valuations for companies like Lending Club and Airbnb among others, emerging marketplaces will become formidable challengers to the likes of Craigslist, eBay, and other longstanding online markets. “Marketplaces 2.0” will be born, and employment markets will improve as a result.

The Internet-of-Things will be less about the “things”.
Yes, 2014 was a year hot with M&A activity on the hardware side. But software and services are poised to steal center stage as the calendar turns, making hardware much more of a commodity.

The internet as we know it will therefore become much less about the “things” we’ve come to associate it with, and provide more value as a means to get more services.

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