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Adaptive Revenue: An FP&A Triple Play

safe and force out player try to touch the base

It’s only appropriate that today, on the morning of Game 1 of the World Series – we’re here discussing the business finance benefits of Adaptive Revenue: The newest addition to the Adaptive BI & CPM Suite.

No, Adaptive Revenue is not directly related to the game plan for the Giants or Royals tonight in Kansas City. It won’t help Bruce Bochy or Ned Yost fill-out their lineup cards or make that crucial pitching change decision in the late innings.

But it IS the only fully integrated solution that corporate finance pros can use to complete that rare FP&A triple play.

  1. Analyze financial performance and revenue across the business.
  2. Plan for future revenue as the business grows.
  3. Manage the organization’s current revenue stream.

Whereas other solutions are focused solely on either sales planning or on sales analytics, Adaptive Revenue can handle both essential functions within a single solution. That includes everything from reporting on corporate goals, to integrating revenue goals and establishing sales quotas, to meeting services demands. The result? A fully aligned and comprehensive revenue plan that includes Sales, Services and Finance teams.

It’s the greatest team solution for analyzing, planning, and managing corporate revenue, and the next step on our mission to make financial planning and analysis a more collaborative business process (see how we’ve already made financial consolidation a team sport).

Adaptive Revenue is so much more than modeling. Completely integrated with and the ERP system of your choice, it completely optimizes revenue analytics with powerful financial dashboards, planning capabilities, and analysis and reporting features. Equipped with more detailed and intuitive revenue performance dashboards, business leaders can better visualize forecast variances and trends and gain a clearer picture of headcount allocation and distribution. Those dashboards also foster a more collaborative business environment, allowing for individual, segmented revenue dashboarding at the corporate, departmental, and individual levels to better identify the main factors that impact business revenue.

Never before has finance been able to integrate CRM, ERP, and other operational data in a cloud-based BI & CPM environment. And armed with this first-of-its-kind solution, finance teams now have a single solution with more FP&A capabilities than ever before.

At the end of the day, that increased efficiency around the revenue analysis, planning, and management process allows finance leaders to spend less time gathering data and more time on much higher priorities.

Deeper data analysis? More detailed rolling forecasts? Maybe even getting home in time for the first pitch of the World Series.



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