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Adaptive Suite 2015.2: Have it Your Way

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What if you could add as many toppings as you wanted to your burger, with no calories and no cost? Mine would be a foot high triple patty, loaded with cheese, avocado, mushrooms, onions, and more! For Adaptive customers, we just added that benefit to our award-winning Adaptive Suite 2015.2 with new dimension attribute capabilities. We want to empower our customers to have it their way!

Our goal with Adaptive Suite 2015.2 is to enable organizations of all sizes to have a deeper and broader view of their data, resulting in more sophisticated and accurate planning and modeling. Using our new dimension attribute capability, customers can now add more dimensions to their planning models, so their models contain more insight. For example, taking an existing product analysis and slicing it and dicing it by additional attributes like brand, packaging, or supplier, or, for workforce analysis, analyzing by employee attributes like tenure, territory or skills—all to drive deeper insight into the business.

Adding analysis power the traditional way typically comes with one downside: bigger models and more complexity. But here’s the (good) catch, we’ve enabled customers to add more analysis and more of these attributes to report on, without increasing the size of the model. How’d we do it? We upgraded our in-memory engine so every type of attribute can be analyzed as if were a dimension, without adding to the cell count. For customers, this means more power, more analysis, at no additional cost (or calories).

We recognize the pressure is on for finance teams today. Data is now a big part of a finance professional’s role. Executive decision-makers within small, midsize, and enterprise organizations are turning to finance for performance insight across the business to help make faster, smarter decisions based on accurate and timely data. And in turn, finance professionals are looking to invest in modern technology to meet this demand.

How do we know this? Modern finance leaders have told us.

The Adaptive Insights 2015 Q2 CFO Indicator survey revealed that 81% of CFOs expect to be more strategic over the next two to three years. And seven out of 10 CFOs agree that finance is positioned to help management make strategic, data-driven decisions.  Today, these leaders are being asked to make these decisions across more dimensions than ever before. From finance to sales to operations, today’s finance leaders need to bring every business-critical attribute into play, so they can take the best, most informed actions.

In that same CFO Indicator report, today’s finance chiefs identified “making faster, more data-driven decisions” as one of the greatest changes in the evolution of their responsibilities. At the same time, there is an inhibitor to keeping pace with this new expectation: a lack of time for analysis due to lengthy data gathering and reconciliation, according to 63% of CFOs surveyed.

One way to help is ensuring plans, models, forecasts and reports have all the information to make the right decision–whether finance teams are analyzing products by brands or packaging, or people by territory and tenure. In Adaptive Suite 2015.2 we’ve made it simple to add more analysis and more dimensions, without adding the traditional high-calorie overhead that normally comes with more sophistication. It all adds up to faster insights, without layering in unnecessary complexity to financial models or requiring finance teams to create models using trillions of cells.

Our new, Adaptive Suite 2015.2 is bringing planning and reporting to a new level. So, sit back, grab some fries, and have it your way.

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