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Can Data Analysts & IT Pros Finally Align Around Business Objectives?

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Given the increased importance companies worldwide are putting on big data analytics, it should come as no surprise that demand for “Data Analysts” is nearing a frenzy. BusinessDay is even calling it the “choice job of the 21st century”.

While more data-driven decision-making is a largely positive shift for organizations, the growing popularity and demand for data analysts – financial data analysts in particular – has put more of a maintenance burden on IT teams.  As analysts adopt new data discovery tools, IT is often left “holding the bag” – charged with solving difficult technical issues when integrating new tools with existing applications and scaling use of those tools throughout the organization. Quelling this conflict is at the core of the new Adaptive Insights 2014.2 release.

Many companies have tried alleviating this IT burden by squeezing their role out the process as much as possible. They’re adopting more intuitive BI & CPM Software tools that data analysts – and business users at large – can use, configure, and manage on their own. But even with more intuitive business solutions that are more widely available than ever before, larger companies with more complex data still have a very real need for IT help in integrating new tools.

With the Adaptive Suite 2014.2 release, we’re bringing to market a cloud platform that  IT pros and data analysts can use to reach their business objectives. The end result is a tighter, more closely aligned organization in which people throughout departments are working in unison toward business goals.

Adaptive 2014.2 is real game-changer considering the majority of today’s IT teams are using a separate integration tool, from a separate vendor, to incorporate new solutions into their current business environment. This slows down new solution adoption across the business, forcing users to work with outdated tools for much longer than they really should. Adaptive Suite 2014.2 adds a layer of integration to meet two main business needs:

  1. The business intelligence needs of data analysts, and;

  2.  The heavy integration needs of IT teams.

So instead of taking IT out of the picture, opportunity is ripe to include the necessary, robust integration features that IT needs within the same platform used by Finance, Operations, and other departments across the enterprise.

One solution, from one vendor, that allows organizations to work as one unit. A true convergence of CPM & BI that allows organizations to solve their most pressing business problems, without creating new IT problems (which is one of the four pillars of the new Business Performance Management Manifesto).

Get the full details on our Adaptive Suite 2014.2 release page.


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