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Cloud-Based Upgrades

Managing cloud-based upgrades is critical because the upgrade immediately impacts not just one organization, but in many cases thousands.

Adaptive Planning releases application updates every quarter and we’re dedicated to making sure no customer is adversely affected by an upgrade.  Of course this requires tight quality control and rigorous testing prior to each release, but this is a given, in order to be certain that our upgrades pose no risk or disruption to customers.

We also make sure there are no surprises by talking about what’s coming, well ahead of time.  At our annual user conferences this summer, we presented details about new product features coming soon.  And we covered this same content in a recent webinar.  In the weeks leading up to each release, we notify customers that an upgrade is coming, both by email and communication through the application itself, on our Announcements page.  Then just before and after each release, we offer live WebEx customer training sessions.  We record these and post links to them, along with written release notes, where they are easily accessible to all.

We always release new upgrades at night, over a weekend, and minimize system downtime.  Customers are unaffected by the new features unless they choose to use them.  Existing report and sheet layouts are maintained – no one is forced into new layouts or views.  We make sure that nothing is “broken” and that new features are optional to implement.  If you don’t have time to learn about the new features, you won’t suffer because of it.

We think this is an important aspect of great customer service.  Our product and the value of our service are continually being improved, with no downside to our customers.

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