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Executive Note: Connie DeWitt, SVP of Product Management

connie_dAt Adaptive Insights passionate customers are integral to our organizational momentum, event effectiveness and product innovation. Adaptive Live 2015 was no exception. It was our most successful user conference to date, a status that never could have been achieved without our enthusiastic customer base in attendance. It was wonderful to put faces to the names of our biggest supporters and advocates, and to share educational stories, demonstrations and future plans for the Adaptive Suite. Adaptive Live 2015 proved to me, once again, just how lucky we are to have the dynamic and robust client base we do. After the conference, I found myself more energized than ever to continue our product evolution to meet your organizational needs and ultimately make your jobs easier.

A few personal highlights from Adaptive Live 2015 include:

  • I was excited that A10 Networks shared its story and progress on its Adaptive journey thus far; how Adaptive has saved the finance team incredible amounts of time through automation, and provides its senior management team with up to the minute insights on bookings and shipments.
  • Along with Graham Hunter, Director of Solutions, Adaptive Revenue Solution, I had the opportunity to demo how to use the Adaptive Suite to enable collaborative planning between Finance and Sales.
  • Last, it was great to provide a sneak preview of Adaptive Integration for Planning, a powerful new platform capability that, when it launches at the end of 2015, will make it easier than ever to share data between the systems you use to run your business and Adaptive Suite (similar to a remote control for your data integrations: complete control from a web-based UI!).

In terms of additional product innovations, we are working to meet the needs of customers of all sizes with new features, such as:

  • Group multi-instance refresh, which was available June 5th ;
  • Dimension Attributes, coming in Summer 2015;
  • Faster calculations, enabling bigger and more complex models in every release;
  • Easy data integration between Adaptive Suite and the systems you depend on with Adaptive Integration; and a
  • Powerful and more intuitive user interface that enhances your user experience, including super-flexible new scorecards in Discovery.

We appreciate your continued support and passion on this journey!

-Connie DeWitt, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Adaptive Insights

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