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The Insider’s Guide to the Latest Version of Adaptive’s CPM Suite

Adaptive Insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software Imagine if it took 20 clicks to place an order on Amazon, and it came with a manual on how to do it. Would you order so many parcels?

Or what if posting a Facebook status update involved a long, convoluted set of steps, and perhaps sometimes even a support call to a Facebook expert to help you out? Would you be as engaged in social media?

Fortunately, both of these companies – each of them leaders in their respective categories – figured out that in order to make their services truly useful and drive value, they had to be incredibly easy to use. They had to work the way their users work. That’s what Adaptive is doing in the enterprise software space. And that’s the main driver behind our latest product release.

At Adaptive, we’ve known since Day 1 that usability is incredibly important. It’s why we were rated #1 in ease-of-use by Nucleus Research last year – above legacy providers like Oracle Hyperion, SAP, and IBM Cognos. Budgeting, planning, and analysis requires real participation, from a budget manager entering their numbers, to sales and finance working together to diagnose a sales issue. And getting great participation requires a system that works the way business users want to work.

So how do you make a performance management application that is already easy to use, even easier? Simple. Ask the users. With over 1,900 customers, we asked everyone from CFOs, to Controllers, to Business Analysts what they like best, and what they want more of in the future. Our 2014.1 release is the product of that feedback, and we think it’s the most intuitive cloud CPM suite on the market today:

  • Navigation Optimized for the Way Business Users Work. We’ve made it easier than ever for business users to access dashboards, sheets, formulas, workflow, reports, processes, and more. With a design optimized to minimize the number of clicks needed to do what you need to do, coupled with standards-based visual cues for navigation, business users can get what they need faster than ever before.
  • Most Intuitive Sheets Ever. This release brings a new user experience to the heart of Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation. With a re-imagined experience, our sheets now combine a new look and feel with the most familiar and best Excel experiences. The result is an application that’s more intuitive and more responsive, making it incredibly easy and requiring less training for business users to make the move from spreadsheets to collaborative sales planning and consolidation.
  • Built for the Mobile Web. The new Adaptive Suite user experience is based on the latest web and mobile standards, with navigation and page layouts that are built for the way business users work from tablet to desktop.
  • Process Tracker for Adaptive Planning. With clear team visibility into threaded collaborative notes, document attachments, and visual tracking of workflow tasks, Adaptive is a complete, collaborative CPM solution. From consolidation, to budgeting, to financial planning, our 2014.1 release creates a new standard of simplicity for Finance and LOB to work together on driving performance.

Usability hasn’t been the norm for enterprise software. Convoluted interfaces, screens jammed with foreign-looking icons, and complex navigation designs have made even the most basic processes needlessly difficult, from raising a sales order, to invoicing a customer, to creating a financial plan for your business.

For decades, business users have had these complex “solutions” forced down their throats. The result is that participation in business processes often doesn’t take place in the systems people should be using. It takes place in the emails and spreadsheets surrounding them.

These legacy systems forced business users to work the way the product operated.  Instead, we’ve created the Adaptive suite to operate the way users work. Finally, the business user is back in control.



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