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Alternative to Discontinued Microsoft Forecaster: Cloud FP&A Software

Many Light Bulbs Hanging - Depicting Adaptive Insights as the bright Alternative to Microsoft Forecaster

When it comes to Microsoft, change can often bring challenges—and headaches.

Case in point: As Microsoft continues to evolve its Dynamics GP and AX offerings, some key features that have been staples for many finance pros are being forced into retirement.

As you may already know, Microsoft is pulling the plug on supporting Forecaster, its solution for organizational budgeting and planning. The company also announced in May plans to discontinue any further development of Management Reporter, another budget planning platform. While Microsoft said it will continue to offer tech support to Management Reporter, the discontinuation of upgrades and enhancements puts the solution on life support. It also forces customers to find an alternative solution.

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Forecaster and Management Reporter now join Microsoft FRx—a tool for financial reporting and analysis geared toward small to mid-sized organizations—as products that Microsoft is sending off into the sunset.

Finance teams face quandary

The changes are sure to create a quandary for finance teams that rely on these tools. Discontinued development and support translates to no additional updates, bug fixes, or further innovation. It also means no more security patches to protect you from cyberattacks.

The bottom line: The shelf life for FRx and Forecaster as stand-alone solutions is significantly limited. Meanwhile, even with continued support, Management Reporter lacks many of the best elements and capabilities of previous tools, critics say.

As you assess your next move, consider if your new solution:

  • Can take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer
  • Easy integrates with different data sources
  • Includes frequent enhancements to accommodate growth

Best alternative to Microsoft Forecaster and FRx

Enter Adaptive Insights. Our cloud finance and planning software meets all of the above criteria, providing the ideal alternative to Microsoft Forecaster for finance teams looking to replace Microsoft’s end-of-support products.

What’s more, you can continue working within the familiar Microsoft environment. Adaptive Insights integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, assuring a smooth transition and no interruption of service. We also offer users the option of using our Excel interface for planning so they can still use a program they are comfortable while enjoying all of the benefits of using a centralized, cloud-based platform. And with three updates a year, we innovate at a pace unmatched by traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors.

For example, we recently extended the Adaptive Integration platform across the entire Adaptive Suite, creating a self-service data integration platform. That means you can extract data from ERP and customer relationship management systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, with an easy “click-not-code” web interface, and then use it with any Adaptive Insights application.

Adaptive Insights cloud finance software

Here’s what Adaptive Insights brings to the table for users left high and dry by Microsoft:

Best alternative to Microsoft Forecaster - Adaptive Planning
If you’re using Forecaster, Management Reporter, or FRx, you undoubtedly face a choice in the coming weeks and months. When considering your options, know that Adaptive Insights offers the best path forward to a seamless transition backed by ongoing support.

The Adaptive Suite is the best alternative to Microsoft Forecaster. It’s also the best planning platform for Microsoft Dynamics users.

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