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New CXO Survey Reveals Who Will Lead the Next Generation of Enterprise Technology

Earlier this week, Larry Dignan published the latest CXO survey results in his ZDNet article, predicting which vendors will “thrive and dive” when it comes to leading the next generation of enterprise IT technology innovation. And, not surprising to us, Dignan identifies several industry-leading Adaptive customers – Hortonworks, Palo Alto Networks, MobileIron, and DocuSign to name a few – as those currently leading enterprise tech innovation and among the hottest enterprise vendors poised to emerge as true industry forces in the coming years.

According to Dignan, the survey, which included responses from more than 400 enterprise IT leaders, reveals that “priorities are shifting and tech buyers are already betting on who will be key in the generation stack.”

The following are the top three emerging technology priorities for enterprise IT departments over the next three years, according to the CXO survey.

1. IT security (ranked “extremely important” by 81% of respondents)

2. Mobile Device Management (ranked “extremely important” by 51% of respondents)

3. Big Data/Analytics (ranked “extremely important” by 49% of respondents)

Here’s a snapshot at the full list of enterprise IT departments, ranked by order of importance, courtesy of ZDNet.



Respondents also ranked “relevance to our environment” (70%), “Dependability” (56%), and “Innovation” (51%) as the most important factors by which they choose their tech vendors today, and by which they will continue to choose tech vendors in the future.

This most recent CXO survey is another example of a significant shift in technology buyers’ priorities that’s also causing a reshuffled ranking of enterprise technology vendors’ relevance. It’s further proof that as the next generation IT stack begins to take form, products from legacy enterprise technology vendors are increasingly seen as risky investments. The question of whether these long-time enterprise technology providers can innovate quickly enough to meet their customers most pressing needs are becoming louder and more frequent,  as the most innovative and dependable vendors will likely win the enterprise market.

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that Dignan’s list of emerging enterprise vendors is largely made up of cloud-based companies, including Adaptive Insights and many of our fast-growing customers.

Find the entire ZDNet article on the Adaptive News page to read more comprehensive analysis of the latest CXO survey from Tech Pro Research. How closely do the survey findings align with your own current and future technology priorities?


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