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Reimagining IT in the Era of Cloud Computing

At last week’s Gartner Symposium, there was a lot of talk about how enterprise IT spending is shifting away from IT and towards business units.  In fact they predict that CIOs will lose 25 percent of their IT spending control by 2014 to business units.  For a lot of cloud vendors this is old news, as one of the benefits of a cloud offering is the ability to select and deploy a solution without IT involvement.  In our business, it is clear that finance teams enjoy choosing a solution that is right for them from a business standpoint and does not burden their internal IT departments with a lengthy and expensive deployment.

As the consumerization of the enterprise continues, business owners will expect more from their technology solutions, they will be more informed about the features and functionality they want and need, and in turn will drive the purchase decision because the applications they select are more specialized and in tune to their requirements.

This concept of the post-modern business, where the business is driven by the customer, is one that Adaptive Planning has embraced since its inception.  Our focus on the customer, transparency, and commitment to customer success are the reason for our continued growth as the market leader in Corporate Performance Management and number one in customer satisfaction by Gartner.

You can read the full Gartner release and their prediction on IT trends here:

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