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Tech Talk: James Taylor Discovers Adaptive Discovery

Adaptive Planning Adaptive Discovery Visual Analytics James Taylor Decision Management Solutions CPM BI ReviewJames Taylor is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions, a company that helps businesses to automate and improve decision-making with analytic technology.

Taylor is considered the foremost thinker, writer, and overall expert on decision management. And earlier this month, Taylor took his first look at Adaptive Discovery – our cloud-based, visual analytics solution that we added to the overall Adaptive Planning CPM & BI Suite in July, 2012. You can read his full analysis and review of Adaptive Discovery here. Below are some highlights of what Taylor had to say about each feature of Adaptive Discovery.


Adaptive Planning Adaptive Discovery Visual Analytics James Taylor Decision Management Solutions CPM BI Review

James Taylor, CEO & Principal Consultant, Decision Management Solutions

“Adaptive Discovery supports a wide variety of visualization features out of the box, including scorecards, gauges, scatter graphics, radar, trends, and more. All of these have support for various collaborative features.”

Ad-hoc and What-If

“The product makes it easy to drill down on any metric y by relevant dimensions. You can also use ‘time intelligence’ to show how things are varying over time.”

“What-If analysis is embedded, allowing users to change values and see the impact of such a change across the whole view.”


“The tool is designed to be easy to use, with a web-based drag and drop environment for defining new dashboards from metrics and data.”

“A wide variety of views and dashboards can be designed and access control assigned. All the dashboards can be created and managed using a drag and drop interface.”

Mobile Application

“There is a free mobile app offering a high degree of interactivity.”

Cloud Capabilities

“The whole environment is cloud-based and companies can bring in and automatically integrate data from other sources in the Cloud, refreshing on demand or on a schedule.”

Embedding into Operations

“It is easy to embed the product in operational systems, and a number of companies have done so. It is available embedded in Adaptive’s Cloud planning tools for instance, and NetSuite.”

Taylor on Adaptive Planning overall

“They [Adaptive Planning] are increasingly in use beyond the finance organization, moving into sales and other operational areas. The core products are all Cloud-based and support modeling, collaboration, and analytics.”

In less than a year, hundreds of customers – from the biggest and most well-known international enterprises, to the fastest-growing, most innovative organizations today – have seen what Taylor saw with Adaptive Discovery. As a result, leaders of these companies now have the visual analytics and insight they need to make the smartest, most efficient business decisions. Join them by joining with Adaptive.

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