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Tech Talk: Product Feedback Program Tips, And A Mobile Phone Musing

Adaptive Planning Customer Feedback ProgramHow Adaptive’s Customer Feedback Program is more technically advanced than my mobile phone.

The mobile phone reception at my home is pathetic.  We’re talking 1 bar at best, and only then in a particular corner of a particular room at a particular time of day during a particular lunar phase of the moon.  Trying to use a mobile phone at my house reminds me of that television ad with the affable guy who walks around holding his mobile phone to his ear, repeating the phrase “Can you hear me now? ”

When Adaptive Planning customers talk, we hear them, because we know that the best product ideas come from real product users. Our ongoing customer engagement (never mind our award-winning customer support) is the main reason why the Adaptive Suite is the most usable corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence software suite on the market today.

If you have product ideas of your own to share with us, the best way to do so is through the Adaptive Product Feedback Program. Here’s how it works…

1. Log in to the Adaptive Planning Application through the login screen pictured below.


2. Click the arrow next to the “Help” tab on the home screen and select “Product

Business Intelligence Corporate Performance Management

which will take you to the “Customer Ideas and Suggestions” page.

Corporate Performance Management

3. Submit your product enhancement suggestion and view suggestions from other users.

Corporate Performance Management

4. You have up to 25 votes you can cast.  And if you’re really hot for a particular idea (yours included), you can cast up to three votes for it. Once the idea is closed, the votes you cast for it are returned for to you for use on other ideas. We’re recycling votes, how green is that?   You can also use the search box to see if someone has already made a submission similar to yours, in which case you can vote for that one instead.

Business Intelligence Product (BI)

Those of us on the Adaptive Product Management team frequently review posts and prioritize new functionality for upcoming releases based on what you want!  So once you submit an idea, you can log back in anytime to check the status of your submission, vote, or read comments from our Product Management team.

Whether you have an idea for more intuitive dashboards or new sales forecasting features, Adaptive’s Product Feedback Program is the best forum to share it. Submit your idea today.

As for my mobile phone issues, I probably need to upgrade to something a bit more modern.  Its 3G capabilities are so last year, and I need to stop giving my coworkers the opportunity to refer to me as “iPhone challenged.”

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