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Tech Talk: The Significance of a Full-Feature Product Trial

Adaptive Planning Free TrialYou’re a business owner or executive looking for solutions that will add the greatest value to your business. You have an inbox full of vendor emails, and it takes you valuable time every morning to delete voicemails from sales reps. You can barely take a lunch break, let alone evaluate each product pitch.

How do you filter to find the solutions that will really add value to your business? Put the onus on tech vendors to meet your set of requirements.

Masked by industry acronyms and buried under all the marketing-speak is a question that you can ask any vendor. It’s a question that will go a long way in determining whether their technology is the real-deal, or a total dud: “Do you offer a free trial?”

Asking for a free trial is not only reasonable; it also speaks to the transparency and integrity behind a vendor’s product.

I don’t mean a limited trial version. I mean a full-on, keys to the castle, parents are out of town, go crazy and have at it kind of trial. A true “try before you buy” scenario.

What you can deduce from the vendor’s response to this question is almost as valuable as what you actually do with the free trial itself.

Vendors selling a first-class solution will see this as an opportunity. Instead of trying to verbalize a product’s value, they can let the product do the talking and sell itself, which the best ones will.Adaptive Planning Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Business Intelligence (BI) Technology Suite Full-Feature Free Trial

Offering a free trial shows vendor good faith. Of course they’re trying to close a sale, but they are also thinking about adding value to your business.

Even more interesting is what you can surmise from vendors that say no. What is being hidden from you? Lack of functionality? Integration issues? Added complexity? Why the lack of confidence?

At its core, the free trial is about two things: transparency and integrity. Companies that don’t offer a free trial will give you a slew of reasons (excuses) why: deployment issues, competitive concerns, you get the picture.  

What you’re really asking is, “How confident are you in the value and functionality of your product?”

It’s something you should ask of all vendors, tech or otherwise.  

Oh, in case you were wondering, Adaptive Planning offers a fully-functioning trial of the entire Adaptive Suite, from visual analytics to pre-built backend integration. So sign up, and go crazy.


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