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Tech Talk: Unraveling The Complexity Of Cloud Integration

Adaptive Planning President Rob Hull Unraveling the Complexity of Cloud Integration Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI)Cloud computing’s promise is becoming reality, but cloud integration is an ongoing challenge.

There certainly are technology providers developing cloud-based software tools and solution suites that are truly pre-integrated. Adaptive Planning is one of them. Appnomic Systems is another.

And when Adaptive President Rob Hull and Appnomic President Ray Solnik joined a discussion panel at SIIA’s All About the Cloud conference in early May, the two company heads found many similarities among their organizational approaches to simplifying Cloud integration. What came out of their discussion was a co-authored column detailing how Rob and Ray can help businesses to KISS Cloud Integration Issues Away.

Asking the right questions is a big part of it. To begin with, you should always ask a vendor for a full-feature product trial before buying a solution. Make sure they provide sufficient proof of pre-built, backend integration. You should also internally ask and answer questions to develop a profile of your ideal solution and vendor.

What are the characteristics of the best Cloud integration partners?

Which technologies would add the most value to my business?

How can my business solve technical problems without heavily relying on IT?

The goal is flexibility. Whether investing in a CPM suite or in standalone solutions, give your business multiple options for managing integration standards.

Can you manage it yourself without significant IT intervention? Will the vendor manage it? A Partner? The choice should be yours.

Although integration is not necessary for all businesses, it is necessary for an increasing number of companies. Many Cloud solutions require integration with other applications or data sources for optimal functionality and performance. Adaptive is here to help you through it. So if you’re one of these companies looking to maximize your Cloud technology investment, check out Rob and Ray’s detailed guide to help you KISS Your Cloud Integration Issues Away.

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