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Brian Sommer Adaptive Planning Review: “I’m Not Surprised” About CFO Interest

Adaptive Planning SaaS Business Intelligence Corporate Performance Managment (CPM) Visual AnalyticsSince we debuted our latest CPM & BI software product release last week, many industry experts have given their opinions around our new cloud-based finance software features.

Among them is Brian Sommer, the TechVentive founder and cloud finance software market expert, who said Adaptive’s latest product update shows that more and more large enterprises are embracing cloud solutions for critical financial tasks. Here are a few more excerpts from Sommer’s piece in ZDNet.

 “Adaptive Planning has added collaboration capabilities to its consolidation application. They’ve also added a business process management tool (Process Tracker) and more powerful (and easier to use) reporting/dashboard tools to the suite.  The reporting enhancement lets users add more operational data to the Adaptive in-memory data store. This expands the BI/Analytic capability to provide value beyond the accounting/finance staff.”

“The bigger story though may be the speed with which Adaptive is introducing these product enhancements, new products and new capabilities. It’s a rate of change that hasn’t been seen (recently, if ever) in the on-premises world of similar products…It then comes as no surprise that Adaptive is adding a lot of customers and business partners. If my notes are correct, they now have approximately 1700 customers and about 400 partners.”

“It’s also noteworthy that more large enterprises are adopting these products. Bigger firms have more of a need for consolidation and sophisticated budgeting/planning/reporting tools. Bigger firms also want more modern and mobile applications. They aren’t seeing a lot of fast innovation from older vendors in this space.”

“I’m not surprised CFOs are reporting more market uptake of products like Adaptive Planning.”

Adaptive Planning Review Brian Sommer TechVentive Cloud Finance Software Adaptive Planning CPM & BI Customer Success Videos

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